Safebook — Safety is always on your mind. And now it’s in your hands.

Safebook allows a group of friends to look out for one another and reduce their risk profile for sexual assault and rape. The primary audience is college-age women going out for the night, but Safebook can be used to reduce risk in a variety of circumstances and among any group of friends.

The concept and design of Safebook was created pro bono by POSSIBLE, one of the top digital agencies in the world, for the Rape Foundation, in association with the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center.

Safebook includes features and elements developed based on insights from extensive consulting with the Rape Treatment Center and focus groups with college women.

To be successful, an app to help reduce sexual assaults among college-age women needs to be well designed, easy to use, and most importantly, be a part of the plan whenever women go out together for a night out. That's the best way for it to be at their fingertips when an emergency situation arises. Safebook empowers young people to stay safe by leveraging the ubiquity of powerful, GPS-enabled smart phones along with the protective instincts of a group of friends. Safebook isn't based in fear; it's based in using the strength of a network of friends to keep everyone safe.

The best way to learn about Safebook is to watch the short video about the app by clicking on the video window above.

Safebook has three primary capabilities:

1. Check up on the people you're with.
2. Get help from people you trust.
3. Help people you know.

We also decided early on that mobile is the only place where this type of tool has any chance of success. Trying to solve this problem from the desktop, when nearly every person in an emergency situation has a mobile phone, just doesn't make sense.

To learn more about the process of developing the Safebook concept, see POSSIBLE's approach and methodology, download these files. You'll get a chance to see designs for the application, get the direct focus group feedback, and view storyboards of the app.

The Rape Treatment Center is nationally recognized for its exemplary treatment, prevention, and education programs and for bringing justice and compassionate care to victims. The RTC's accomplishments include giving expert, free treatment to over 35,000 rape victims, including 24-hour emergency medical care, forensic services, counseling, advocacy and legal assistance; training police, prosecutors, judges and medical personnel nationwide; providing prevention programs in high schools and middle schools; establishing a national campaign to reduce the incidence of rape on college campuses; and producing award-winning educational films and books. The RTC also created Stuart House, an internationally recognized model facility serving child victims; the Verna Harrah Clinic, a state-of-the-art medical facility providing emergency medical/forensic services for victims; and, the Internet's most comprehensive information source for victims of rape.

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